Eyes and ears. Brain and heart. Body and soul. These are our tools whether we’re making a film for a luxury brand or creating an advertising campaign for a biotech pioneer. The tasks we perform, the nature of our engagement, the depth of our commitment, are all informed by a single thought: We work for you.


Jhane Barnes now

Client: Jhane Barnes a leading American fashion and design company.

Usage: Investor Relations, Business-to-Business , Public Relations.

The Challenge: Translate the complex personality of the firm’s entrepreneurial head from one woman’s triumph ,into a compelling fashion/design industry story.

Solution: Get up close and personal. Mix the intimate with the corporate in a film that captured the essence, performance and promise of Jhane Barnes.

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“Shoes for Men”

Client: Cable & Company

Usage :   Brand Building ,Consumer Awareness.

Challenge: Introduce upscale consumers to this Korean manufacturer of quality footwear.  Persuade These  customers  that  fine men’s  shoes  are not only manufactured in Italy or England.

Solution: 3D TV commercial with a lyrical tone and manner that captures the particular frame of mind of today’s  complex man.

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“Soccer Mom”

Client: Jewelers of America

Usage: TV  Commercial , Consumer Advertising .

Challenge: Create awareness of the jewelers of American brand.

Solution: “Soccer Mom” a : 30 spot inspired by the ton and manner of network Sitcoms.

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“The Fitting”

Client: One of American Premiere designers.

Usage: Public relation and point of sale.

Challenge: Stop and engage customer in a visually noisy environment .

Solution: A fast-pace film with innovative production and post production technique that elevated  Alexander Julian above the crowd.

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“The Galapagos islands”

Client: The Travel Channel.

Usage: A segment for “Design for Travel” on the cable network.

Challenge: Create a fresh perspective reflection the network’s POV.

Solution: A ½ hour show that showed the island through the eyes of ten real tourists.(Something this was inspiration for the “survival ” show).

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Vogue Fashion Designer Collection

Client: A joint venture between vogue magazine and Mikimoto.

Usage: Public Relation, Sales Promotion , Public Service.

The Challenge: Create a video that would stand out in a world accustomed to brilliant public relations stunts and beautiful people.

Solution: Offer an irresistible look into international high fashion; its star there worlds.

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“Gift of Imagination”

Client: Arnell/Bickford (today , ag worldwide).

Usage: National Television Campaign .

Challenge: Transcend high-brow reputation and establish the store as also a cutting edge fashion resource.

Solution:  One of the first TV spot to adopt the ‘quick cut’ style of MTV music videos. It was considered a breakthrough execution.

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Client: Cultured Pearls information center

Usage: A documentary film created to educate the worldwide jewelry industry.

The Challenge: Transform a commodity into brand. Create expertise and generate excitement for the product.

Solution: create a educational film  with the content and drama of a network quality documentary.

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Client: American Academy in Rome

Usage: Development requirement .Public Relation

Challenge: The ostensible reason for this film was to honor architect David Childs. its real purpose was to create a compelling image of the Academy .An image that demonstrated its relevance ,so that the worthies in the audience would continue to provide  financial support.

Solution: A compelling narrative brought to life by on-camera reflection by some of the country’s leading architects.

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“100 years of Sulka”

Client: Sulka ,a fabled but out of style haberdasher.

Usage: Public Relations, Corporate education, Consumer awareness .

The Challenge: Turn a tired, provincial company into a dynamic international brand.

Solution:  Reposition the company by focusing on vanishing handcraftsmanship. Introduce , in the person of a master tailor , a new face and voice Sulka.

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“Storm Over the Sea”

Client : United Nations

Usage : A documentary created for global audience.

The challenge: Take a controversial but little known subject – the ecological  consequences of over fishing and turn it  into an international topic of discussion.

Solution: Am emotion-packed film a year in the making, shot around the world, that with impartiality and courage exposed this largely ignored story.

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A biotech company-looking for somthing out if the ordinary-asked us to create their advertising .Our ability to execute on strategy,combined withan appreciation of the power of images ,enabled us to bring an unexpected drama to the work ….and to create a brand..

The media isn’t the message Creativity. Strategy . Integrity. These are the elements required to communicate effectively in any medium . Our interactive team-producers,designers software engineers and back-end programmers-are experts at integrating interactivity into a marketing program.

From conception and execution through distribution , we have the resources to develop a sustained body of work across the entire print pplatform . Whether we are creating a single piece for a limited run or a multi-media campaign ,our work proceeds from a real understanding of the product, the audience and our client’s objectives .