Michael Backman Associates, Ltd. (MBA) was founded in New York City in 1980. Originally a film production company creating corporate films and TV commercials- today the company has successfully expanded its services to encompass to range of contemporary media including: film, video, print and media.

Over the years MBA clients have included fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups, advertising agencies and public relations firms, as well as not-for-profit organizations. In 2002, MBA opened an office in Washington D.C. to service life sciences clients in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Whether you’re repositioning your company, creating an advertising campaign, producing a video or expanding your interactive capability, your company’s success depends on how effectively your message intersects with your audience’s interests.

What ultimately matters is the relevance of the story you tell, to the people you are talking to. Relevance, volume and intensity determine the value of your efforts. Understanding this is the point of departure.

A proven partner to complex associations and industrial shows

Trade shows, symposia and conferences are complex, multi-dimensional and multimedia experiences. They require a special choreography, a unique understanding of group dynamics and a gift for diplomacy. We find interesting and elegant solutions regardless of budgetary constraints and scheduling demands.

Results, not deliverables

Our job is to conceive, develop and execute communications that achieve results. Toward that end, we have created a company that responds to both tactical and strategic opportunities. Whether we enter at the beginning of an initiative or are performing a unique engagement, our job is to produce the most efficient and cost-effective work possible. We create communications that address each recipient directly with meaningful content and brand messaging, because we know a relevant message provokes an interested response and a revisit to the brand.

Creative resource. Marketing partner. Industry innovator.

The work we do for you is created only for you. A campaign created for one client cannot be resized for another. No two biotechnology companies are the same. Every company, every trade show, every healthcare company, every financial services firm is unique, and we treat it that way. What’s more, every team we assemble will be the one best able to identify the opportunity and conceive and execute the most appropriate solutions.

Curious. Resourceful. Uncompromising.

We believe good work always begins with curiosity. At Beckman Media, every job is a new job. Every approach, a fresh approach. An appropriate solution can be informed by a mountain of research or a single insight. It can be found in the obvious or by pushing a solution to the edge. But it’s unlikely to be found if you believe you know it in advance.

Marketing-driven solutions.

Our experience with clients ranging from BIO to Mick Jagger has taught us how work in one industry can inspire new ways of understanding another and how core marketing expertise transcends industry barriers. We work with nonprofits, small companies and Fortune 500 clients, in industries as varied as fashion, broadcasting, healthcare and biotechnology. In every context, we are solution-driven.

Not a vendor. Not a service bureau. A partner.

We want clients who want to be partners. Who understand and appreciate the expertise we bring to the table. Whether a project is limited to one execution in a single medium or is an engagement lasting a year or more, we expect our clients to demand a thorough understanding of their business, high level of creativity and personalized service.
Our commitment is as straightforward as it is unvarying. Whether you’re talking to a single consumer, a marketplace, a business or an industry, we will help you find the most compelling words and images to persuade and convince and put your goods or services in the mind and the hands of your target.

Twenty years. One hundred clients. Countless opportunities.

In a world awash in communication technologies, we can amplify your message by integrating across disciplines most people consider discrete: positioning, advertising, design, promotion, public relations, direct response, broadcast and interactive media.
Our process: Review, analyze, evaluate, recommend, act, measure, adjust and improve.
Let’s talk about how we can use this process to strengthen your company’s brand and market its goods and services.